Friday, November 28, 2008


From The Gift, by Lewis Hyde:

I would like to speak of gratitude as a labor undertaken by the soul to effect the transformation after a gift has been received. Between the time a gift comes to us and the time we pass it on, we suffer gratitude. Moreover, with gifts that are an agent of change, it is only when the gift has worked in us, only when we have come up to its level, as it were, that we can give it away again. Passing the gift along is the act of gratitude that finishes the labor.

Monday, November 10, 2008

finnish loveliness

Ze Frank points to this gorgeous collection of photos of Finnish site-specific environmental art. Want to fly to Finland immediately. (Bonus: it is not 79 degrees there in damn November).

Ze liked the colored-pencil logs the most but I can't decide. The shirt seascape? The firebird? The parasol? Maybe the white suits climbing out of the sea.

Why is art that lives in the natural world so thrilling.