Sunday, March 6, 2011


In my experience, as someone who hikes and is easily confused, there are three kinds of lost:

1. Off the path. in my case this is usually accidental. Scary.

2. On the path, but no idea where this path is going.

3. _Is_ this a path?

in my life right now I think I am the #3 kind of lost.

At Wild Basin right now, hiking, it's #2.


Anonymous said...

And then there's #4, "Paths are overrated"...

k said...

hahaha. well -- in hiking I have too much Ranger's Daughter! training to go off-trail on purpose -- it's burned into my soul as a littering-level misdeed (and littering is not thinkable). I do all go off hiking paths accidentally rather often, though, because I am a vague, wandery idiot.

But yeah I am trying to cultivate in my larger life a who-needs-paths approach. It is like the opposite of me, sadly, so it's slow going in hard ground.